Da Bomb Potpourri Herbal Smoke

DaBomb Herbal Smoke offers a complete herbal smoking experience with its selection of potent legal potpourri / incense which increases your pleasure mood. DaBomb is a rich premium smoke blend that gives you a deep, unforgettable aromatic experience. Each blend we carry is unique in it's own way and also has a different scent! They are not only some of the most potent herbs you are going to find on the market, but also one of the most relaxing. We have offer some of the most popular herbal smoke brands, such as Buzz, DaBomb, Super Kush, Voodoo, Dank, Red Planet Herbal Incense and many others herbal smoking products. Buy Potpourri Smoke at cheap prices and relax knowing all of our Herbal Potpourri smokes are all 50 US State Legal Herbal Blends.


Da Bomb Herbal Smoke

Legal Herbal Smoking Potpourri Incense Blend

A mighty bombastic Herbal Blast! DaBomb Herbal Incense aroma's is 2 times as strong as other herbal incense blends. Legal in the USA and Worldwide. No Synthetic or Chemicals they're all 100% Natural Organic Herbs which are 50 State and USA Compliant. On Sale - $ 32.95


Size: 3 grams


Size: 9 grams - Save $21.95

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